Adenoma detection rate above the national average

Adenoma detection rate is an important statistic. An adenoma is a benign (non-cancerous) tumor of glandular origin. Adenomas can grow from many organs including the colon. Although these growths are benign, over time they can potentially progress to become malignant (cancerous), at which point they are called Adenocarcinomas. Even while benign, they have the potential to cause serious health complications by compressing other structures and by producing large amounts of unregulated hormones.

The goal of a Colonoscopy Screening is to prevent colorectal cancer by identifying and removing adenomas if they are present. The most important quality indicator, the adenoma detection rate is the proportion of average risk patients in whom a physician identifies adenomas during a colonoscopy procedure. Early screening can detect adenoma and other growths before they become malignant. It’s important to have experienced physicians with high detection rates to conduct this important test. To learn more about the colonoscopy and upper endoscopy procedures and the importance of early detection click on the links:

2014 Detection Rate

  • National Target Rate in Women: 15%
  • National Target Rate in Men: 25%
  • Digestive Care Physicians, LLC Screening Adenoma Detection Rate: 45% Combined


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