Abdominal Pain is very common. In fact, everyone has had abdominal pain or stomach pain at some point in their lives. Most of the time, the cause is not serious and can be diagnosed and treated very easily. In the field of Gastroenterology, abdominal pain can sometimes be a symptom of a serious gastrointestinal problem or illness. If you experience persistent abdominal pain Dr. Singh, Dr. Rashbaum, Dr. Nitin Parikh, Dr. Long B. Nguyen, Tammi D’Elena, PA-C; and Vanessa T. Dang, MSN, APRNcan help. Contact Digestive Care Physicians, LLC, today to schedule an appointment.

There are many causes of abdominal pain. Sometimes pain can be caused by something as simple as gas in the Digestive Tract. Other times, pain is due to an illness or disease. The conditions listed below are well known for causing abdominal pain. If your pain persists, we recommend that you visit Digestive Care Physicians to determine the cause.

Diagnostic Tests

Since there are many possible causes of abdominal pain, Dr. Singh, Dr. Rashbaum, Dr. Nitin Parikh, or Dr. Long B. Nguyen will perform a thorough physical examination, discuss the symptoms, and perform tests to help diagnose your pain. These tests may or may not include an Endoscopic exam, blood test, stool test, urine test, X-Ray, Ultrasound, or CT scan. Additional tests may include:


Once the cause of your Abdominal Pain has been determined, Dr. Singh, Dr. Rashbaum, Dr. Nitin Parikh, or Dr. Long B. Nguyen, can begin your treatment. treatment can range from anti-inflammatory medications, to antibiotics for infections to changes in personal behavior or diet. In some cases, surgery might be necessary.

Board-Certified physicians Dr. Ranvir SinghDr. Stephen RashbaumDr. Nitin J. Parikh, Dr. Long B. Nguyenand providers Tammi D’Elena, PA-C; and Vanessa T. Dang, MSN, APRN;  have offices in the North Atlanta, GA, area including Alpharetta, GA; Cumming, GA; Johns Creek, GA; and Lawrenceville, GA. The In-House Endoscopy Suite at Digestive Care Physicians is a Certified facility which has achieved the highest level of accreditation by the Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). If you suffer from abdominal pain, contact us at (770) 227-2222 to schedule an appointment.