Finally, the day of your colonoscopy is here! You’ve taken the prep, you’re clean as a whistle inside. The worst is over. Honestly, the day of your colonoscopy is the easy part.

However, before I go on, I have to say that the prep has greatly improved. Years ago I had a colonoscopy and I had to drink this awful stuff a whole day before I had the procedure the next day. Now it’s much shorter time period, smaller quantity to drink, and really not so bad.

Endoscopy suite accreditationThe Day of Your Colonoscopy

You’re going to arrive 30 minutes prior to your colonoscopy appointment to the Johns Creek office. They have other locations in Alpharetta, Cumming, and Lawrenceville. Johns Creek is where their own private state-of-the-art in-house endoscopy surgical suite is located and it is AAAHC accredited. The place is very nice and spic ‘n span clean!

Vanessa, Digestive Care Physicians surgical nurse, will greet you with the warmest and nicest smile. She has a wonderful disposition, as do all of their staff. She will check to make sure you have a driver who must stay during the entire procedure.

After I handed over my paperwork (they check everything very carefully), I was taken back to my bed. Jung was my pre opt registered nurse and what a sweetheart she was. Very personable and caring. She took all my vitals, had me change into my lovely and oh so fashionable gown, started my saline IV, covered me up with a nice sheet and blanket, and checked over a list of all the conditions I had and didn’t have. She inquired if I had contacts in – I did. I didn’t see the “do not wear contacts” on their form, so be sure to leave your contacts at home. She also asked if I had brought socks, which I had not. Be sure and bring some socks because even though she gave me a blanket, your feet are probably still going to be cold. They have to keep it cool because the lights in the surgery room cam make it hot for the surgeon, and we don’t want him or her to be uncomfortable!

The nurse anesthetist came in and introduced herself. She went over the conditions list again. They are very careful and quite alright with me. She explained the anesthesia she was going to administer which was propofol which allows you to wake back up quickly with no hangover. Then my doctor came in and we had a short chat. Now it’s time to roll me in.  Lights out!

I had some really fun dreams, and then all of a sudden, I was in another room feeling just fine. I thought maybe I was seeing blurry but then remembered I had taken my contacts out! I actually felt just great. The post opt nurse took out my IV and other things they had strapped on me. My doctor came in with pictures of the few polyps they removed and said they would be sent to the lab. Results will come back in approximately 2 weeks which we will go over at my follow up appointment.

I was rolled down to my car in a wheelchair – that’s the rules. Back to my house for some FOOD! The day of my colonoscopy is over!! Hope to see you guys again in 5 years!

Digestive Care Physicians is an awesome place to have your colonoscopy, since you really should have one when you’re over 50. They have their system down pat and are very efficient. I was in and out in under an hour and a half. Sometimes it may take a little longer but they do their best to stay on schedule.

Don’t procrastinate, schedule your appointment now 470-210-7766. It can save your life and it really wasn’t so bad afterall!

Blog by Linda Persall Huber – Verified Patient of Digestive Care Physicians