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    help prevent colorectal cancer with regular screenings for this disease.

    Screening can find precancerous polyps, so they can be removed before they turn into cancer.

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    is your best defense against cancer.

    Of cancers that affect both men and women, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.

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    Time to schedule your screening colonoscopy now.

    Beginning at age 50, both men and women at average risk for developing colorectal cancer should have retular screenings.

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Gastroenterologists of Digestive Care Physicians. L to R: Dr. Singh, Dr. Rashbaum

welcome to digestive care physicians!

We warmly welcome you to Digestive Care Physicians, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve your medical needs.

Dr. Ranvir Singh, M.D. has been in metro Atlanta since 2004 and founded Digestive Care Specialists, LLC in 2008. He established Digestive Care Physicians, LLC with Dr. Stephen J. Rashbaum in May 2011. Dr. Singh has received board certification in gastroenterology from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).

We aim to serve the community with pride, excellence and respect. We strive to provide high quality care which is personalized and cost–effective. We will listen to you attentively, answer all your questions and make you an active partner in your care, in a warm and friendly environment.

This website has been created to provide you information about our practice. It also educates you about common procedures and diseases related to the digestive system. Our courteous and professional team is always available to assist you and welcomes the opportunity to hear from you. We look forward to a healthy and fruitful relationship.

Thank You!


New Finance Options

Convenient and Simple for You
If you're considering a health care procedure, you may have concerns over how to pay for it. We offer convenient finance options through Enhanced Patient Financing. Learn more about how you can structure a payment plan that meets your budget, allowing you to proceed with your doctor's treatment recommendations.


Self Pay Option

We offer a convenience Self Pay option for our patients. See our Self Pay Brochure. We accept cash, debit, money order or credit card. No personal checks.

Self-Pay Colonoscopy: $1375.00*

(Includes Anesthesia, Physician Fee, Facility Fee)
2 Pathology specimens included in price, any addt’l at $75 each to be billed/refunded after procedure


Adenoma Detection Rate

An adenoma is a benign (non-cancerous) tumor of glandular origin. Adenomas can grow from many organs including the colon. Although these growths are benign, over time they can potentially progress to become malignant (cancerous), at which point they are called adenocarcinomas. Even while benign, they have the potential to cause serious health complications by compressing other structures and by producing large amounts of unregulated hormones.

Why Do You Need a Colonoscopy Screening

The goals of a screening colonoscopy are to prevent colorectal cancer by identifying and removing adenomas and to identify colon or rectal (referred to as colorectal) cancer if it is already present. The most important quality indicator, the Adenoma Detection Rate is the proportion of average-risk patients in whom a physician identifies adenomas during colonoscopy.

Early screening can detect Adenoma and other growths before they become malignant.

Digestive Care Physicians, LLC has proven success in identifying these adenomas as shown in the chart above.

2014 Detection Rate

  • National Target Rate in Women: 15%
  • National Target Rate in Men: 25%
  • Digestive Care Physicians, LLC Screening Adenoma Detection Rate: 45%

The doctors at Digestive Care Physicians are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive screening and results better than the national benchmarks.

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